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Terry Morse GoClick
User's Guide

GoClick (go-klik):

1. The fastest way to publish any document on the Web.
2. Everything you need to create cross-platform documents.
3. Clever software that turns every application into a Web publishing tool.

User's Guide written by Andy Stocker

Contributions by Terry Morse

© 1996-1999 Terry Morse Software, Inc.

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Chapter 1—Introduction


Welcome to Terry Morse GoClick—the easiest way to publish any document on your corporate
intranet, the World Wide Web, or CD-ROM. Let us know what you think of it! Please send us e-mail
at mailto:comments@terrymorse.com.

Overview—Sophisticated Web Publishing with One Click

Whether you want to create pages for the Internet’s World Wide Web, or simply make your documents
readable on any computer, Terry Morse GoClick will help you make attractive documents with very
little effort. GoClick incorporates exclusive Wizzy-Web™ Technology that has the following features:

Universal Application Support: With GoClick installed on your computer, any application with a
Print command becomes a Web publishing program. Whether you’re using a word processor, database,
or even a page layout program, you can create Web-compatible documents on demand—just by using
the Print command.

Cross-Browser Support: Experienced Web page designers know that making Web pages that look
identical when viewed by Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer is a challenge. Web pages created
by GoClick look the same in both browsers.

Cross-Platform Support: Another challenge is creating Web pages that look the same when viewed
on a Macintosh and a Windows platform. GoClick’s Wizzy-Web Technology virtually guarantees that
Web pages will look the same on both platforms.

Maintains Document Appearance: Thanks to Wizzy-Web Technology, a Web page converted with
GoClick looks strikingly similar to the original document.

Modern HTML Support: GoClick 3.0.2 supports sophisticated features of the latest HTML standards,
including HTML 4 and Cascading Style Sheets. This permits very sophisticated page layout (pixel
placement of objects, overlapping layers, improved text appearance, etc.) while producing smaller files.

Worldwide Standard Documents: Since GoClick documents are based on the worldwide standard
HTML format, no special reader applications or browser plug-ins are necessary. Any computer with a
Web browser installed can read GoClick documents. There is simply no other software at any price
that can match GoClick’s sophisticated conversion capability with so little effort.

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How It Works

Terry Morse GoClick shows up in the Chooser, and you choose it the same way you would any printer.
But when you“print” with GoClick, it converts your documents to Web pages and saves them to your

Terry Morse GoClick in the Chooser

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Please see Chapter 2for instructions on installing GoClick. Chapter 3details converting documents
into HTML format for the Web. Chapter 4gives some tips on how to get the best output from different
types of applications. Chapter 5answers some frequently asked questions.

Note: If you are using QuarkXPress or PageMaker, please read Chapter 4before trying to convert
those documents. Since these applications allow special typographic control that cannot be duplicated
in a Web Page, you may need to modify your documents slightly before converting for best results.

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